Inspiring & Nurturing Greatness

How much more fulfilling might your life and work be if you had known how talented and magnificent you are?

How much more enjoyable might your work be if you had known how to maximise opportunities, be resilient to challenges and deliver your best?

Everyone is a star! Some people know this about themselves, some do not.

The greater awareness we have about ourselves – our strengths, our aspirations, our belief in ourselves – the more we can choose, take control of and succeed in anything we want to do.

Waiyin is an energetic high achiever motivated by making a difference. She is well-known as an inspirational and transformational leader, a highly effective coach, and a sought after motivational speaker.  She takes a positive approach to life and work – seeking and creating opportunities for improvements, working with and through people to deliver results, connecting and working across boundaries to create synergy.

Wai Beyond – founded by Waiyin Hatton in 2012 to inspire and nurture greatness in people, teams and organisations.

Wai Beyond works with individuals and teams across public, private and third sectors in delivering:

  • Inspirational coaching/mentoring on a one-to-one basis
  • Personal, professional and leadership development
  • Bespoke motivational team building programmes
  • Masterclasses – leadership, women in management, making an impact
  • Motivational speaking at conferences, workshops and dinners

Wai Beyond connects like-minded people to inspire each other.