Wai Beyond

Wai Beyond’s personal coaching, leadership and team development programmes and motivational events create an environment for individuals and organisations to succeed.

Wai Beyond’s core philosophy is about BEING authentic, maximising the individual’s strengths and talents to achieve high performance – Beyond Expectations: Inspiring & Nurturing Greatness:

Beyond – releasing strengths and talents; building confidence; creating impact
Expectations – realising aspirations; liberating constraints; turning negatives into positives
Inspiring – using personal MAGIC; motivating greatness; sharing inspirations
Nurturing – taking own control; building resilience; networking for growth
Greatness – being authentic; leading with integrity; developing high performance

Wai Beyond is founded on Waiyin’s passion about people development, as her own experience has proved that the ‘can-do’ mind-set is the key to personal attainment and happiness in life and work.

Whilst she has achieved many aspirations – e.g. rising from Clerical Officer to Chief Executive in her career, obtaining  a PhD, representing GB over a 12 year period in karate – these were in spite of limitations, negatives and barriers.  She has experienced challenges from being in a dual-career family, dealing with prejudices over women and minority ethnic leaders and addressing attempts to undermine her professional reputation.  Even as a child, she was labelled “not very academic”, “a slow developer” and in karate, she had the wrong build for the sport and poor eye-hand co-ordination.

Waiyin has learned to maximise and focus on strengths and opportunities, not weaknesses and negatives. She practices the beliefs her late father instilled in her from childhood – “take control of the situation, do not let it control you”; “you can do whatever you want, some goals just might take a little longer to achieve”; “never say die”; “where there is a will, there is a way”.

Wai Beyond’s professional and leadership development programmes focus on person-centred coaching for individual and team high performance, increasing awareness of personal strengths, and fostering self-belief in realising aspirations.